Frequently Asked Questions – Canapes

Pre starter nibbles – 3 canapes, 3 varieties
Canapes in lieu of a starter – 5 canapes, 4 varieties
Canapes at a short cocktail party (2 hours) – 8 to 10 canapes, 6 varieties
Canapes in lieu of lunch or dinner – 12 to 14 canapes, 8 or 9 varieties

Firstly, work out if you are having both hot and cold canapes (we recommend a mixture of both if possible).    We suggest choosing 25% cold and 75% hot (as long as there is sufficient oven space).  Consider your guests dietary requirements and choose accordingly.  Will you have guests attending who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or who follow certain religions?  Please bear in mind that if your kitchen/party space is open plan, that it may not be a good idea to have deep fried canapes (unless you have a garage/utility room that we can use). We always recommend choosing at least 2 vegetarian canapes, even with the most committed carnivores attending!

It can be tricky pleasing everyone but bear in mind the following when you make your selection and you will not go far wrong:

  • Choose a variety of different cuisines to suit all taste buds, from the traditional to the exotic.
  • Consider the time of year and time of day of the party.
  • Consider the age range of the guests and the duration of the event.
  • Choose some light, carb free canapes as well as some more substantial, filling ones.
  • Think of colour and type – no one wants to be faced with three different types of pastry.

We would be very happy to assist you with your final choices and can accommodate most dietary needs.  Canapes start at £2.00 per piece, plus VAT.

To provide value for money, the minimum number we cater for is 30.   There is no maximum number.  

Absolutely!  We have a team of fabulous waiting staff to do all the hard work (yes, even the washing up!) so you can totally relax.  We recommend one member of waiting staff to 15 guests.  Depending on the type and size of event, we sometimes suggest an Event Manager to oversee all the Front of House staff too.  Waiting staff are charged at an hourly rate of £15.00 plus VAT, for a minimum 4 hour shift.

If you are having hot or cold canapes, a chef is always required at the event to build and garnish (unless you have opted for our pre-prepared, drop off cold canape selection).  One chef is generally suitable for parties up to 50 guests; anything over this number would require 2 or more chefs.    Chef rates are charged at an hourly rate of £27.00 plus VAT, for a minimum 5 hour shift.

We provide all of the canape garnishes, platters, flowers and any props that we may use to decorate.  We also bring all the baking trays, oven cloths, knives etc.    Our cocktail napkins are in our company colours of black and red so we tend to use these colours, let us know if you prefer something different.    We can also bring a collapsible trestle table if workspace is limited.

Our waiting staff wear branded black and red polo shirts, black or red aprons and black trousers.  Our chefs wear black branded chef jackets, hats and black trousers.

If the party is at home, please make sure your kitchen is as clear, clean and clutter free as possible.  Canape building takes up quite a bit of space, so if you could clear the plate rack, fruit bowl and coffee machine for the duration of our time in your kitchen, we would be most grateful.   A clear dishwasher (in case any glasses need washing) and a clean oven helps too.    Fridge space is appreciated but not vital.

In the interest of safety and food hygiene, please make sure that any young children, dogs or cats are kept out of the kitchen.

We do not, but we know a company that do! We tend to use Rayners in Wandsworth as a one stop shop for all the above and much, much more! They will deliver, or you can collect for free in person.

We work in collaboration with a fantastic company called Hydromel. They are your one-stop shop for all things liquid. They provide talented bar staff, the bar, glassware, fruit, the equipment, all types of ice, the list is endless…. They can provide amazing cocktail bars with bespoke, totally delicious cocktails (and mocktails) themed to your party, or simply source unusual beers, off the peg spirits and superior wine and fizz direct from the suppliers, at supermarket prices. However large or small your party, Craig at Hydromel is the man to call!

If you do decide to provide your own drinks and glassware, we will be more than happy to serve it for you with no corkage charge.

Please call or email us to discuss exact requirements and check availability.  Once you have selected your menu, we will provide a price per head based on your expected numbers.  Please bear in mind that if the guest numbers increase or decrease significantly, the cost per head will also change.  All other aspects of the party will be discussed and booked in at this stage and a deposit taken.  If you would like us to make

a site visit prior to the event, these are charged at £50.00 plus VAT which will be deducted from your invoice if you decide to book with us.

How can we tempt you… ?

Please spend a few minutes describing the style of your event, so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation…